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Boosting your productivity for success in 3 steps

A healthy morning routine can improve your life and help you achieve your goals

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You have probably heard of morning rituals of successful people in business, politics, arts, show business. As divas, we are authentic and we create our own rules, so instead of following someone else's morning ritual, I invite you to create your own based on your goals and priorities.

Why you should have a morning routine

As many of you, I used to get my phone as soon as I woke up to scroll through my work emails. If something came up from Asia overnight (or from some colleagues that worked until later than me) I'd start replying to the emails before leaving bed. Although I would wake up around 6AM planning to go to the gym before going to the office, it was not rare that I would start working still in bed.

After sometime being connected to work almost full-time I was not feeling happy, my level of stress was high and my work satisfaction started to go down. I talk about how I turned it around in another post, and creating a morning ritual was one of the most important things I've done to recover my daily excitement and joy.

How do you start

Instead of googling what are the morning rituals of people you admire, answer this simple question: 'How do you want to feel during your day and what are your priorities?'

I want to have energy to perform at my best at work or in whatever activity I am doing. As I am a 'morning bird' I wake up early and full of energy (tips to check how your energy varies along the day on this post), so I could leverage that to have a morning routine that keeps me energized during the day:

Meditating in Pebble Beach, CA

- Meditation: the first thing I do when I wake up, still laying down in bed. By focusing on gratitude and positivity I set my mind up for the day to come.

- Bulletproof coffee: I change the recipe of my coffee depending on the mood, but it always have a spoon of brain octane. It improves my brain power and my energy for physical activity. The result is great, I can't do without it!

- Put my brain to work: while I am preparing my coffee and light breakfast, I usually have an audiobook or podcast playing in my phone.

- Exercise: it gives me energy for the day. If I don't have time for a full hour workout, I will go to the gym for the time I have, because I know that even 30 min of cardio or weights can help me get energized during the day.

- Cold shower: I have always been pro hot shower, but I tried a cold one in a day I needed some extra energy and I loved the result! As I am usually coming back from the gym, it's not hard to just jump in.

- Breakfast: I eat a light breakfast before exercising and a complete one, rich in protein, after. Start working without properly eating is not an option.

I wake up between 5AM and 6AM and usually get to work between 8AM and 9AM. In a normal day, I would not check work emails before arriving from the gym and if there is nothing urgent happening, I just check emails when I get to the office. It's not easy to detach and it took me a while to be able to not check my phone first thing in the morning and not feel guilty about it.

So what?

Still wondering how a morning ritual can help you to be successful in whatever you want to accomplish in your day? For me, it primes my mind and my body for a productive and positive day. I feel I am prepared to deal with problems and frustrations, to deal with people that are not in a great mood without overreacting or creating unnecessary stress or anxiety.

As everyone has different needs, goals and morning mood, you should spend time and effort examining what type of activities can prime yourself for your definition of a perfect day. It's ok to get inspiration from other's morning rituals and experiment different things until you find a good fit for you.

A very important point: I love my routine, and I do everything with pleasure. Nothing feels like an obligation. I am excited to walk to the gym in the rain before 6AM if I need to be at the office at 8AM and I feel even better after my workout. So, follow your passions! Playing with your kids, running with your dog, calling your family in the other side of the world, writing in your journal, reading the news or some pages of a book. The list of options can be endless and you ritual should naturally change as your life does.

Ready to designing your morning ritual that will improve your life and ultimately help you to achieve your goals? Don't wait until next month or add it to your new year's resolution list. Start now! After you feel the benefits, you'll just wish you've started sooner!

Do you have a morning ritual? Leave your comment here, on Twitter or Facebook and share this post on your social media!

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