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Hi, I am Renata Gomide

I believe you can design your life the way you desire and pursue your version of happiness without being intimidated by the world's standards and expectations.


Your unique personality, authenticity, and intuition are the best tools you have to thrive.


Aligned to those elements, my passion to build connections and inspire people to realize their potential, brought me to start Ideas for Divas.

A Family of Divas

Divas have been in my family for over a century. Both my grandmother and mother are called Diva.

My grandmother raised seven kids while being the principal of the main school in a little town in Brazil during a time when women rarely worked.

My mom, the next Diva, was the first in my family to go to college. She faced huge discrimination when she decided to raise me by myself instead of staying in a toxic relationship.

Both were trendsetters, authentic, ahead of their time, and would take risks to pursue their dreams. They didn't care about others' opinions and defined their version of success while caring for their family and the community. They are not famous pop stars, and still, they are the real definition of a Diva.

 Wellness and Gratitude to Fight Burnout

Soon after I moved from Brazil to Silicon Valley seven years ago, I burned out. I was working long hours with global teams on an exciting and high-demand project. Burnout was still not a thing back then, so it was hard to understand that my sudden lack of motivation was not just a reflection of tiredness. There were also limited tools to help me to get back on track.


So, I created my own method to regain my energy, re-prioritize wellness, and redesign my career. Within the following year or so I gained skills in different domains prioritizing creativity and innovation, initiated a career change, and created Ideas for Divas to share my experiences with the world.


This was just the beginning of a journey. Since then I’ve changed my career again a couple of times, was close to burnout, and was able to turn it around faster, and redefined my priorities and definition of balance, success, and happiness multiple times. 

Gratitude Routine

Health + Balance + Progress = Success

What is your formula for success? Mine has changed multiple times in the past years and will continue to change as I evolve, and move through different phases in life.

I believe that you can design the life you aspire to and create your own version of success. I also believe that your career expands beyond your work or business and that it does not define who you are and it should not be your only source of fulfillment and happiness.

That said, career is a big portion of my life, the reason I left my home country Brazil to pursue my MBA in the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, and later to work at a global consulting firm in Silicon Valley, helping Fortune 500 tech clients to shape their innovation agenda and accelerate growth.

I am also the founder of Type A Performance, an strategic advisory company focused on helping individuals to increase fulfillment by aligning careers with purpose and accelerating growth while making authentic choices to create life balance and ignite creativity.


Need help re-designing your life and accelerating career growth? Let's talk

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