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Renata Gomide

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“Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it”- Buddha

I believe you can design your life the way you desire and pursue your own version of happiness without being intimidated by the world's standards and expectations. Your unique personality, authenticity and intuition are the best tools you have to thrive. Aligned to those elements, my passion to build connections and inspire people to realize their potential, brought me to start Ideas for Divas.

The mission of Ideas for Divas is to help women making authentic choices to balance work and life and to achieve fulfillment.

My name is Renata Gomide, I am a Brazilian living in California, who loves exercising, eating healthy, traveling and learning about wellness, innovation and leadership.

I am a Strategy & Consulting Senior Principal at a major consulting firm, helping Fortune 500 tech clients to build their competitive edge through innovation. I hold an MBA from the University of Michigan and I give back to the Wolverine community by serving as career chair on the board of the University of Michigan Alumni Club of Silicon Valley

I'll share my passions, lifestyle, inspiration for career development and change, learning from events that I organize and participate in. I hope I'll get to know what excites and interests you as well, so we can grow together in the Diva journey.