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Owning Your Decisions and Choices to Improve your Vitality

Top tips of reputed doctor, Stanford professor and author to stay healthy and make the best choices for yourself

I talked to Dr. Allan Mishra, founder of Dare to Be Vital, author of Dare to Be Vital, orthopedic surgeon and professor at Stanford, about the main vitality pillars to focus on, when we were in the beginning of the pandemic.

Fortunately things have progressed, the pandemic seems to be under control and we are able to have more social interaction. The insights shared by Dr. Mishra to help us build resilience through crises are still very current.

Dare greatly when focusing on a vitality pillar

When going through difficult times, focus on one of the vitality pillars - physical, mental, social or spiritual - at a time. Be bold and channel your energy to bring the best out on you.

Metabolize uncertainty

Build the skill set to metabolize pressure and pain. To learn more about that you can consider attending Dr. Mishra's course at Stanford - How to Enhance Your Vitality: A Scientific, Social, and Spiritual Approach.

Make the best choices to improve your vitality

Ask yourself - 'how can I become a better person?'. Don't be a competitor of the person next door, just compete with yourself.

Make the best choices for who you want to become: exercise, eat well, reconnect with people. No one else can make these decisions for you! After you decide to change you'll feel great and after you do it many times, it becomes a habit and it's much easier to continue the progress.

Click on the video below to watch the full interview.

Hey divas, what are the changes your are doing your routine to stay healthy and vital during this period? Leave your comment here, on Twitter or Facebook and share this video on your social media!


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