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What is a diva?

Divas are authentic. They set new trends and don't care about other's opinion and judgement. Instead of following rules, they create new ones and inspire followers.

If you search in the internet, there are two popular definitions for diva. The first is an outstanding female opera singer, nowadays extended to female stars in the music, cinema or TV. You probably heard that Beyoncé or Mariah Carey are divas. The second is a stubborn and temperamental person (usually addressed to females). So, if someone is calling you a diva at work, it's probably not a compliment.

I am part of a family of Divas. Both my mother and my grandmother, who unfortunately I didn't get to meet, are called Diva. No, they are not opera singers or famous women, their first name is Diva.

My grandmother was one of 8 children of Italian immigrants borne in a small town in southwest Brazil. His father abandoned her mother with the children (the youngest one was a newborn) to pursue other romantic endeavors. The family ended up doing very well without him. Later, my grandmother raised 7 children while working as a teacher - in the mid 1900's, when women didn't use to work. She managed the house, the family, her career (she went up to principal of the main school in town) and I heard she was also an awesome cook. She would make great Italian pasta from scratch an all sort of deserts and invite all family and neighbors to eat.

The other Diva in my life is my Mom. As she was the second child of a big family she had to help with the house chores and younger siblings since young age (my grandparents could not afford nanny or day care). She ended up interrupting her studies during some years to support her family. She later returned to school and became the first in her family to go to college. When she got pregnant with me she decided to raise me by herself, as she knew my father would not make a good husband or a good parent. Being a single mom over 30 years ago in a small town was not easy. She didn't pay attention to all the gossiping, as she was focused on our well being and happiness. She always worked while most of my friend's moms didn't; had a successful career according to her ambitions and taught me how important it is to be independent.

Divas find balance through authentic choices

Although not famous and rich, I believe these two women are real divas - they were ahead of their time, fearless to set new standards and authentic to stand behind them regardless of other's opinion. They would pursue success and happiness in no matter what they decide to do. They are humble while strong and have a special charisma.

Like my mom and my grandma, there are many divas out there and many people that have the potential to become a diva. The goal of this blog is connect this diva team, exchange experiences, help each other to unlock potentials and grow together on whatever you aim to accomplish. This is not a girls' only community, everyone is invited!

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