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How to Thrive Through Difficult Times

Staying healthy and connected during uncertain times

I was interviewed by Dr. Allan Mishra, founder of Dare to be Vital and we discussed about the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on work, wellness and social engagement.

Thriving Through Difficult Times
Thriving Through Difficult Times

Here are the main topics we discussed about:

Set up an exercising routine that will help you to be energized, healthy and fit.

Driving innovation while working remotely

Establishing boundaries to preserve work-life balance while working from home is important to preserve your mental health.

Crises are also opportunity to be creative and innovate at a fast pace to cope with new conditions.

Connecting with people and keeping social connection is important

Social is one of the vitality pillars according to Dr. Allan Mishra's Dare to Be Vital philosophy.

Again technology can help to stay connected with family and loved ones when we are not able to be in touch. I was able to reconnect with friends over FaceTime and Whatsapp during the shelter in place and I want to make an effort to be more connected with them.

I would love to know how the diva community is adapting to the new normal, with social distance while managing work and kids at home. Leave your comment on Twitter or Facebook.

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