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3 Reasons Why You Should Show Gratitude on Thanksgiving

A Thanksgiving tradition that makes you and your loved ones happy

Using Thanksgiving week to demonstrate gratitude to everyone who has impacted my life has become a tradition in the past two years, since I wrote the first post about this topic.

I show gratitude to everyone who have impacted my life: my mom, family, close friends, and co-workers who have given a great contribution to the team and helped me to develop as a professional.

This practice enhances my gratitude routine, which has already brought so many benefits to my life, such as building resilience, strengthening positivity, and increasing my happiness.

The results always exceed any expectations! I already feel great by sending thank you emails, cards, and texts. I get even happier when I receive replies filled with kindness and surprise.

This year, I plan to continue my tradition and send mostly virtual thank you notes to even more people. I keep the email short, focusing on one story, so it doesn't take me much time to write the note, nor for the receiver to read it. Let's face it, with the work from home email overload, less is more!

I invite you to join me in this new tradition. Here is why:

1 - Recognition in the Workplace Improves Motivation

"The best managers promote a recognition-rich environment with praise coming from every direction and everyone is aware of how others like to receive appreciation"

This statement from Gallup is not news for leaders, however, in the busy routine, it's not uncommon to forget to celebrate the team's daily accomplishments.

Recognizing your co-workers shouldn't be a once-a-year event, but, you can leverage Thanksgiving to give an extra thank you to those who helped you during a work project, provided advice on an important decision, or listened to your complaints on difficult moments. As we are still mostly virtual than normal, we should take every opportunity to strengthen connections.

2 - Giving Thanks Makes you Happier

Giving to others makes you happier and this is proven by research. You can give money, your time, advice, attention, recognition, a good thought, or, as Deepak Chopra mentions in his book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, a compliment or a flower. Every time I give thanks to someone, I feel probably as good as the person receiving the compliment even if they don't reply to the note.

3 - Starting a New Positive Habit Can Lead to Other Ones

We are divas and we like positive change, especially when creating new trends. When was the last time you changed your routine?

I learned to enjoy outdoor activities and to use technology to stay fit and improve my wellness routine. Two years ago, I would think that going to the gym was the only way to exercise. Nowadays I'd rather walk by the beach during the sunset than on the treadmill.


Ready to join me on this quest to show gratitude to everyone that made an impact in your life this year? I want to hear how this new tradition made you and others around you feel! Leave your comment here, on Twitter or Facebook and share this post on your social media!

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24 nov. 2020

Great article! I agree we should give thanks for everything and everyone!

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