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5 Strategies to Disconnect and Enjoy Your Summer Vacation

Navigating Work Detox: Strategies to Disconnect and Rejuvenate During Vacation

The summer season, with its promises of joyous reunions and warm memories, is right around the corner. But while we dream of reconnecting with friends and family, have we given a thought to the equally important task of disconnecting from work?

Whether your vacation is planned around globetrotting, an adrenaline-pumping road trip, or the comforting confines of your own home, you genuinely deserve a proper break. In today's remote work culture, unplugging can seem as challenging as climbing a mountain, but believe me, every effort is absolutely worth it. A rejuvenating vacation goes beyond stress reduction—it supercharges your productivity and lends an impressive boost to your career growth. Still doubtful? Take a peek at this eye-opening HBR article In its powerful conclusion, it states:

If you take all of your vacation days and plan ahead for trips, you will increase your happiness, success rate, and likelihood of a promotion, and you’ll lower your stress level to boot.

Being an avid traveler, I've found that immersing myself in novel environments and cultures is the perfect way to disconnect. I choose a digital detox while traveling—no internet, paper maps for navigation, local tips for exploration, and my trusty DSLR camera to freeze those memories—a nostalgic nod to a less connected era.

My last travel experience was quite special—it was my wedding and honeymoon. Despite the joyous occasion, I grappled with managing my guilt over taking a three-week break from work.

Over the years, I've presented this topic to various audiences, and the issue of guilt—both from disconnecting entirely and the fear of overloading teammates—frequently emerges as a common concern.

Now, here are my 5 tried-and-true strategies to ensure you enjoy a guilt-free, rejuvenating vacation:

5 strategies to ensure you take a guilt free vacation
5 strategies to ensure you take a guilt free vacation

1. Plan with your team for coverage during your Summer vacation

If your work is time-sensitive and can't be shelved until your return, plan ahead and do a comprehensive handover to a colleague. I usually put in extra hours in the week leading up to my leave, ensuring my backup is fully prepped and ready.

2. Stay away from your work computer during your Summer vacation

Whether at home or exploring the world, leave your work computer behind. Should a crisis emerge, you should be equipped to guide your teammates or address the issue via a phone call. Opening your laptop, even once, leads to a slippery slope of work encroaching on your relaxation time.

3 - Remove your phone notifications to unplug when on vacations

Relaxation will remain elusive if your phone continuously buzzes with work notifications. For a total digital detox, turn off all notifications, including those from work apps such as Slack and Microsoft Teams, and social media.

4 - Plan activities to recharge and refresh during Summer vacations

Whether you're traveling or not, plan ahead for enjoyable activities and time in nature to help you unwind. Also, earmark time for self-care activities—a spa day, yoga by the beach, or immersing in a good book can do wonders for your mental health.

5 - Use Your Vacation Time to Empower Your Team

Vacations can serve as an opportunity for your team to acquire new skills and take on more responsibilities. Early in my career, stepping up to lead the team and interact with senior executives while my manager was on vacation was an invaluable experience.


Disconnecting without feeling a pang of guilt, especially when leaders around you are simply taking 'workations', can be tough. Resist the pull to follow suit and remember to set your standards based on what's best for you and your team. Striving to truly disconnect can mold you into a more efficient, creative professional. Remember this post if you need a nudge to take that vacation!

Interestingly, many countries outside the US consider vacation time a crucial part of labor laws—signifying the importance of downtime.

What about you, divas? What are your strategies to go against the flow and disconnect during your free time? Leave your comment on Twitter or Facebook and share this post on your social media!

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