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Face your weaknesses to achieve your goals

Updated: Mar 28

Developing your weaknesses to change your life

How many times have you answered the questions - what are your top 5 strengths and weaknesses - in a job interview? If you are like me, you already have a rehearsed answer that connects your strengths with he job description and shows your progress towards evolving your weaknesses.

In the recent years, researches have concluded that aligning your work with your strengths are you best bet to improve your productivity and your work satisfaction. So, why do we still talking about weaknesses? Next time the recruiter asks about it, should you say that your goal is to develop your strengths and that your weaknesses don't really matter?

I agree that developing strengths is very important. But divas like to step outside of their comfort zone and embrace change. To change the course of your life and career, you may have to fight your fears and face some of your weaknesses that can prevent you to achieve your goals.

Growing up in Brazil, I was a super shy girl. As a straight A student, my teachers acclaimed my quiet behavior and set myself as an example for the distracted students and troublemakers.

It was not until I started thinking about my professional life during College, that I realized I needed to evolve past my shyness, or I would not became the successful executive I aspired. Being the only girl in the Computer Science class already forced me to interact with guys for school work (yes, I was that girl that doesn't talk to guys during High School), but I had a long way to go.

Skydiving in New Zealand

Fast-forwarding some years, I am a complete different person compared to my early 20's. I am still an introvert, and I can be quiet when exploring new environments and situations but I am very vocal on academic and business context, asking questions and expressing my opinions. Networking with unknown people became natural. From then to now, I have taken all opportunities I have had on public speaking, and, although I still get nervous for days prior to events, my confidence improves on every presentation.

What if I haven't decided to fight my fears and work on my weakness many years ago? I would certainly have not left Brazil to study and work in the US, developed strong friendships, traveled to many countries by myself while meeting new people, built a successful career. These are main pillars in my life I don't believe I would be happy without them.

So, focus on your strengths and find a job where you can develop them, but, if there is any weakness that is preventing you to achieve your dreams, work to overcome it. It's a hard and endless work, but you are a diva and you're used to that. I guarantee your future self will thank you to take action now.

What about you, divas? What weaknesses have you overcame that helped you to get where you are today? Leave your message here, or on Facebook.

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