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Designing your home makes you happier and and helps to achieve your goals

Updated: Mar 28

Your small apartment can be more cosy, spacious and inspiring

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Where you live is an extension of who you are, or who you want to be. Does this statement resonate with you?

Some months ago I realized my apartment needed some changes to spark creativity and positive energy. As I started watching Queer Eye on Netflix, I realized that my small Silicon Valley apartment was lacking glamour, and that a change would benefit my life and help me to become who I want to be. As all divas, I am always excited for changes!

I have been focused more on function than form, so starting a decor project was really fun as I could use my design abilities. Here is what I did:

- Look for inspiration online: Google and Pinterest were my best allies on this phase. As I started browsing furniture and decor websites I have started to see related ads on Instagram (I hate when those ads are relevant!). That's how I found Modsy.

- Get virtual designer: through Modsy, I got two 3D designs for my apartment. The user experience is awesome! It's really easy to set up the account, choose preferences, upload pictures and measurements. In a few days the designs were ready, and they were so precise, it was hard to believe that the designed hasn't been to the apartment. Reviewing the designs, swapping items and playing with the 3D interface was really fun. I spent some good hours doing that! I requested a couple of changes that were promptly done, in less than 24h.

My living room before and the design proposed by Modsy after a review I requested

- Shopping for strategic pieces: with Modsy, you can purchase all the pieces in your design and many options for similar ones. Once you click in the white dots in the picture you see details of the pieces. Most of the items were pricey, so I used the designs as inspiration and went shopping on stores with better offers so optimize my budget. I don't really like going shopping, but I have enjoyed the creative experience. I prioritized changing furniture that was outdated and or taking too much space, like the couch, and accessories that made the apartment look bigger, more organized and .

My energy and excitement to be home have increased as I redesign the apartment. It feels much better to work from home for my job or personal projects, seat in the living room to read a book, cook and eat a delicious dinner in the new dinning area. I feel much better about myself and about my life, what have improved my productivity in different areas.

Although I've done the main changes I planned to, this is an ongoing project, as I want to keep looking for inspiration to make my place looks better by changing some pieces of furniture here and there and adding vibrant accessories.

The biggest motivator to start this project, is because I wanted to feel happier where I am today in my life, knowing that this state of mind and soul will help me to get me where I want to be. Divas, what are you doing today be happier and continue to achieve your goals? Leave a message on Twitter or Facebook!

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