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3 Quarantine Habits to Change Your Life

How to live your best life during and COVID-19 crises and beyond

Nobody really knows how life will be after the COVID-19 pandemic is under control. Would life go back to 'normal' or would the future be a hybrid of what we used to have before with the 'new normal'?

The answer only time will tell, but after months washing hands thoroughly and avoiding getting close to people, I doubt that people will jump to be in crowded places and to distribute handshakes and hugs. In my opinion, the future will be a hybrid of the 'normal' with the 'new normal' as some of the new habits cultivated during shelter in place will stay.


In these unprecedented times when we are forced to pause, adapt to uncertainty, value small pleasures that we used to take for granted, we should take the opportunity to learn, change and evolve as human beings.


It is time to reflect on your life, identify what habits serve your highest purpose and change what no longer adds value. As everyone now is under similar conditions - staying at home and keeping distance of others - there is no fear of missing out or envy of others' life. It's a perfect time to being mindful, reset your habits and review your priorities.

I have been changing my routine every other week focusing on being mindful and not being to hard on myself because I am not as goal oriented as usual. I have learned to live one day at a time, and that has helped me to manage my stress level and to be more positive.

Here are some habits will stay in my life when the quarantine is over:

1. Nature Meditation

Progressing in the meditation journey is a priority as I have mentioned in multiple posts. As the COVID-19 news have worsen I have had a hard time closing my eyes and relax. Worry and anxiety were permeating my head even during my meditation time and contributing to increased stress during the day.

So I created a more consistent meditation routine. Instead of meditating in bed before getting up and turning into the news right after, I now meditate outside. I get up in silence - no phone, news podcast or TV - make my coffee and go to the balcony even if it's chilly. I realized having the wind on my face and seeing some birds and flowers on my building's garden prior to meditation, help me to ease my mind. As a result, I feel more positive, energized and relaxed during the day.

2. Outdoor Exercise

I usually workout at my building's gym and at the yoga studio in the neighborhood. I just go out for hikes during the weekends. Since the shelter in place started, I have been jogging outside. Fun fact - I'm not a runner. A few times that I tried to run in the treadmill, I felt tired and I had just settled on the belief that I can't run. I guess I just didn't like to run indoors. I started with short jogs, and day by day I have increased the speed and the distance. Feeling the wind, sun and even the rain in my face when running outside, brings me joy and a great sensation of freedom.

I have also taken walking breaks during work when I have a few minutes between meetings. It re-energizes me and increases my focus. I am definitely adding walking breaks to my calendar when I am back to the office.

3. Strengthen Connection with Loved Ones

I am usually in touch with my family and friends through messages and emails. Besides my Mom, with whom I FaceTime everyday, I don't video call my family and friends very often. People are usually busy during the weekends, live in places with different timezone and just prioritize other things.

With social distance, people are eager to connect, so I have had video calls with multiple family members and friends, who live in different corners of the world. I have felt so happy to connect simultaneously to groups of friends that I haven't met in a while. We catch up just where we left off and it reignites old memories and makes me feel that they are not so far away. Once we can safely leave our homes, social connection should become a priority because it now has a deeper meaning.

What about you divas? How are you adapting your life to the new normal and what new habits to you want to keep in your life. Leave your comment here, on Twitter or Facebook and share this post on your social media!



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