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5 Tips to succeed through change

The magic happens outside of your comfort zone!

In the previous post we talked about finding purpose and taking actions to redesign your diva journey with more fulfillment.

Change may not be easy; thus the development that goes with it, is definitely worth it. Here are how I am overcoming the main challenges in my new project, and how I am taking the most of this opportunity:

1. First things first: as my project required me to be traveling for 4 months, my priority was aligning expectations with my loved ones and my leaders, so my professional change would not impact my personal life.

2. Give yourself time to adapt: I am an analytical person moving from spreadsheets into innovation, design thinking, creative storytelling. While this change was very exciting, it was a challenging shift of mindset. In the first weeks I didn't think I was very productive, until I understood that researching and generating ideas are as valuable as analyzing data. As I stop being hard on myself, I felt at ease and dove into the changing process.

3. Ask for help: My new team is very diverse, collaborative and dynamic. Since the beginning I realized that if I asked questions, I would be able to contribute to the team more, than if I tried to figure things out by myself. When you are starting something new, being humble and asking for help and advice can be beneficial to your development.

4. Be open to feedback: I seek for feedback on all the projects that I am working on, as my teammates have different strengths and point of view. As I result, I can improve and achieve better outcomes. You can consider feedback at work as a design research, on which you expect users to be honest when evaluating products or services, so you can build something according to their needs. So, instead of defending your project, be open to what other people have to say, even if you don't agree with them. You can later decide if you will implement the changes, depending on your goals.

5. Enjoy the process: Changes come with a lot of learning, what is very beneficial for personal and professional development. Embrace the challenges and uncertainties that will be on your way, as they will support your growth.

I would love to know the tips of you, divas, on how to succeed through changing times! Share your experience here or @ideasfordivas on Twitter.

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