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The journey to become a diva

Are people born divas or can they develop to become a diva throughout life? Is being a diva a journey or a destination?

Becoming a diva is a continuous process not a final result Society will keep expecting you to fit into stablished standards. In every situation you choose to be genuine, design your own journey and value more your truth than other's opinion, you progress on the diva journey. You can start the journey to become a diva anytime in life, and the earlier you start, the better.

My diva journey started at young age, guided by my mom, who is a Diva herself, as I told you in the previous post. When I was a child and wanted to get the same pen a classmate had, she would convince me to get a different one. She showed me that it was more fun to choose my own things instead of copying others. Later, I realized that the popular girls were actually following me - a geek and probably the most unpopular girl in class.

Growing up, I started to choosing my own path. I was the only girl in the Computer Science course and the only one who didn't want to jump into an academic or software engineering career right after school as highly recommended by all professors.

Hiking on a trail in Carmel Valley - CA. Keep evolving on my diva journey.

Being an underdog with low support from colleagues and professors didn't scare me. I transitioned my career to business in my first job and prepared to follow my dream: moving from Brazil to the US to pursue an MBA - what I did 5 years after graduating from college.

Following my heart and taking decisions that others consider to be wrong has been a constant in my life. Each day I get better at dealing with discouraging opinions, even from family and close friends, and at ignoring negative judgement. As I said in the beginning, being a diva is a continuous journey.

You will always have to deal with expectations from your family and others around you - the career you should follow, the right age to do or buy certain things and so on. Your ability to follow your beliefs instead of following the crew will be constantly tested. As everything in life, as you practice a skill, you'll be able to master it. Be authentic on your choices and before you notice, taking the diva path will become natural.

Do you want to share a diva moment? Add a comment in the blog or tweet @ideasfordivas. I would love to feature your diva journey in the blog.

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