The journey to become a diva

Are people born divas or can they develop to become a diva throughout life? Is being a diva a journey or a destination? Becoming a diva is a continuous process not a final result Society will keep expecting you to fit into stablished standards. In every situation you choose to be genuine, design your own journey and value more your truth than other's opinion, you progress on the diva journey. You can start the journey to become a diva anytime in life, and the earlier you start, the better. My diva journey started at young age, guided by my mom, who is a Diva herself, as I told you in the previous post. When I was a child and wanted to get the same pen a classmate had, she would convince me

What is a diva?

Divas are authentic. They set new trends and don't care about other's opinion and judgement. Instead of following rules, they create new ones and inspire followers. If you search in the internet, there are two popular definitions for diva. The first is an outstanding female opera singer, nowadays extended to female stars in the music, cinema or TV. You probably heard that Beyoncé or Mariah Carey are divas. The second is a stubborn and temperamental person (usually addressed to females). So, if someone is calling you a diva at work, it's probably not a compliment. I am part of a family of Divas. Both my mother and my grandmother, who unfortunately I didn't get to meet, are called Diva. No, th

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